The Rise of Pro-Life Liberals: Why the abortion debate is about to change

Posted by Chris Parker
May 24 2005

By Doug Curran
Published: Tuesday, February 1, 2005

In the United States, it is often assumed that the abortion issue is split neatly along party lines. The liberal Democrats, with support from groups like NARAL and Planned Parenthood, have long been the party of abortion rights advocacy while the conservative Republicans have had the monopoly on anti-abortion, pro-life advocates. There are many indications, however, that all of this is beginning to change.

No longer are individuals who are in general agreement with the ideals of the Democratic Party, but who are also strongly pro-life, reluctant to define themselves as Democrats. And, while the change in the establishment is less rapid, many in the party leadership are beginning to welcome pro-life democrats into the ranks. This shift can also be seen in other traditionally pro-choice liberal domains, as evidenced by the enormous recent success of Feminists for Life. This movement, while not new, is beginning to gather momentum that it has not previously enjoyed. The implications are far- reaching, indeed.

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