Terrors of the Tiaga Region-20th & 21st century Dinosaurs

Posted by Chris Parker
May 24 2005

The Russian Taiga is a forest of almost unbelievable dimensions stretching from the borders of northern Europe in the west across the north of mother Russia to the Bering Sea in the east. Shot through with freezing swamps, it is almost entirely uninhabited. The Taiga covers an astounding seven million square kilometres.

It is in the north east of Russia that the Taiga is the wildest and most ill explored in the icy abandoned region known as Siberia. Here winter temperatures drop so low that they can shatter steel. The brief summers are haunted by clouds of blood hungry mosquitoes that will cover any warm blooded animal.

Siberia consists not only of the Taiga but endless miles of swampy tundra and mountains and plateau were no man has ever set foot.In comparison the Amazon seems about as wild and untamed as a flower bed on a roundabout in sub-urban Dorset.

It comes as no surprise that such an unknown land has produced reports of monsters.
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