Creation Museum: Ministry Uses Dinosaurs to Dispute Evolution

Posted by Chris Parker
May 24 2005

By John Johnston
Enquirer staff writer

“He’s so bent on that mission that he has spent 11 years in Northern Kentucky creating a museum to answer one of the most debated questions of our time:
When and how did life begin?

Soon, visitors to Ham’s still-unfinished Creation Museum will experience his view: that God created the world in six, 24-hour days on a planet just 6,000 years old. This literal interpretation of the Bible runs counter to accepted scientific theory, which says Earth and its life forms evolved over billions of years.

Undaunted by considerable opponents, Ham’s Answers in Genesis ministry is building a $25 million monument to creationism. The largest museum of its kind in the world, it hopes to draw 600,000 people from the Midwest and beyond in its first year.”

The Remainder of this article can be found Here:’s initial article on this museum can be found by clicking here.

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