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“Forbidden Fruit?” Rats Fed Genetically Modified Corn Destined for Human Consumption- Developed Organ & Blood Abnormalities

Fin De Siecle, Science, Sophistication of Ancestors | Posted by Chris Parker
May 23 2005

“One blustery day six years ago – at the start of The Independent on Sunday’s successful GM campaign – I travelled to Aberdeen to meet a man who had been sent to Coventry.

Dr Arpad Pusztai was then the bogeyman of the British scientific establishment. No less a figure than Lord May – then the Government’s chief scientific adviser, now president of the Royal Society – had accused him of violating “every canon of scientific rectitude”, and ministers and top scientists had queued up to denounce him.

His crime had been to find disturbing evidence that the GM potatoes he was studying damaged the immune systems, brains, livers and kidneys of rats – and to mention it briefly in a television programme before his research was completed and published.

His punishment was draconian; his research was stopped, his team disbanded and his data confiscated (see box). He was ostracised by his colleagues, forced into retirement and gagged for seven months, forbidden to put his case. I was the first journalist to interview him at length, spending six hours with him.” ARTICLE CONTINUES HERE

This article has a number of interesting and alarming facets. Suppressed science. Dangerous human meddling with God’s creation are at the top.

Also, ask yourself this; if as scientists believe, our unsophisticated ancestors genetically modified all our food grains from primitive stock-click here- (vs God having created them), how did they mange to accomplish so much more than todays scientists–while producing the worlds most important food grains without dangerous side effects to animal or human?