China’s 5,000-Year Old Civilization Is No Bluff

Posted by Chris Parker
May 21 2005

Prehistoric Relics Provides New Evidence

Broadcasting Corporation of China
May 19, 2005

United archaeologists from Shandong University and Chicago Field Museum of Natural History have recently come up with preliminary conclusions after 10 years of excavation and research at the Rizhao district in Shandong province. They believe that the remains of ancient monument, which have been excavated, could be the relics of a prehistoric country dating back to 4,200 or 5,000 years ago.
Furthermore, this ancient country is estimated to have had a population of around 63,000 and the area of the capital alone is estimated to be one thousand square kilometers.

This implies that the claimed 5,000-year history of the Chinese ancient civilization may have new scientific evidence. Scholars at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences said that most people believe in China’s 5,000-year old history.

Lords Yao-Shun-Yu are usually accounted for the origins of Chinese civilization. However, the traditional view of archaeologists simply recognizes Xia Dynasty (2100 BC- 1800 BC) as the origin of Chinese civilization because the Erlitou Ruins unearthed in Henan province clearly show the existence of the Xia Dynasty.

If the Rizhao relics were confirmed as the ruins of an ancient kingdom, then these first-hand information and scientific materials will validate the significance of the 5,000-year old Chinese history.

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