Ice Age Armadillos the Size of Cars, Fossil Shows

Posted by Chris Parker
May 20 2005

Giant Armadillo Fossil in Peru As we’ve noted previously in the “Mega Fauna” section of, it wasn’t just the dinosaurs who got huge in the past–many of the same animals living today were of huge size in historical times.

What accounts for that in evolutionary theory? Nothing, really. But, from a Biblical prespective, it makes sense to consider that conditions on earth must have been quite different–prior to the flood of Noah than they are today–or to put a even finer point on it–before “the fall”.

This giant armidillo fossil found in Peru is the size of a Volkswagon Beetle. Click here to read article

Imagine a Jurrasic Park movie with a T-rex “chasing” an Apatosaurus who also can only move at 5 or 6 miles per hour with the added disadvantage of being unable to move his head on its 25 foot neck above his shoulders! Maybe T-rex’s prey would just die of boredom! :0)

In a recent article in Scientific American with the subtext ” Everything you thought you knew about dinos is Wrong”, they argue that T-rex was too big to move quickly, (making him not so fearsome if you could get away by ambling) and that long necked dinos could not lift their heads. Not surprising that the same guys who arrogantly lecture us about dinos change their ” facts” every few minutes, but maybe they should reconsider their view that conditions on earth haven’t changed. Lowered gravity could turn T-rex back from a carrion eater to an actual predator.

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