Cayuga Township’s Cemetery of Giants

Posted by Chris Parker
May 17 2005

Grand River Photo: Grand River. In 1881 Ancient American reprinted a Canadian Newspaper article detailing a find of over 200 giant sized skeltons and their weapontry(Click Here) , buried on a farm on the banks of the Grand River near Niagara Falls.

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  1. Administrator says:


    My name is Jeff and I speak Afrikaans – which comes from Dutch.
    Thought I’d bring some clarification to your discussion of the name “Vredenburg/Fredenburg/Fredinburg” under the topic “Cayuga Township/Niagara’s Ancient Cemetery of Giants”.

    The original Dutch is Vredenburg. Vreden means “peace” and burg means “mountain”.
    Van Vredenburg simply means “from Peacemountain”.

    My guess is that this is a place in Holland and that the name was given to the Canadian land by a Dutch settler. The other possibility is that the Dutch settler had the surname Vredenburg.

    It is pronounced Fredinburg. Which is why the name probably got all the variants you list – given to it by later generations who anglisized it.

    This, of course, has no bearing on the giants but at least might explain why you found so many variations on maps.


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