Addendum to An Ooparts Article

Posted by Chris Parker
May 07 2005

Egyptian Electrical Technology?Regarding the egyptian heiroglyph which seemed to show high voltage
applications, you wrote:

“At the Hathor Temple in Dendera, Egypt, several intriguing glyphs are
depicting strange scenes. In the opinion of a classical archeologist, there
is hardly anything out of ordinary in the scenes. The explanation of the
glyphs stirred some passion amongst amateurs and experts alike.” …..

I propose that the Djed which is pictured and referred to as a “stand” is
nothing of the sort. Prototypes of David Hammel’s energy generator closely
resemble the Djed. He believes we have used this power source before and it
is documented in Egyptian glyphs. They are in fact some of his inspiration.

Check out this link as well as the attached drawings (above).
Hamel Free Energy Generator Device Link

There may be more pictured here than was first thought.

Thanks for the great website and keep it up! This stuff is hard to find
anywhere else.


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