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Ancient Tablet Echoes The Bible

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May 05 2005

tabletIsraeli geologists said Monday they have examined a stone tablet detailing repair plans for the Jewish Temple of King Solomon that, if authenticated, would be a rare piece of physical evidence confirming biblical narrative. The find — whose origin is murky — is about the size of a legal pad, with a 15-line inscription in ancient Hebrew that strongly resembles descriptions in the Bible’s Book of Kings.

William & Robert Clark’s Sea Monster Video

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May 05 2005

Clark Video ImageWe want to thank you for your article on Clifford Paiva’s PhD’s Analysis of our Video. We want to inform you that Paiva has done a revised version of his analysis and determined the observable above water length of the animals are 70-80 feet not 172 feet as he originally concluded. Also, he has ruled out the possibility of the animals being a variety of sea snake due to a head tossing sequence in the video.

William and Robert Clark Thank you for letting us post this very interesting material.

Bigfoot Yes, Aliens No.

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May 05 2005

Is this a Giant Ape? Of the many mysteries we’ve discussed on these pages, we’ve entirely stayed away from bigfoot. We suppose that if he exists he’s some type of Giant Ape-not fitting neatly into any category we cover, and has no bearing on Christianity, the Bible or the flood.

This photo was reported to have been taken several years ago with a hidden camera at Moyie Springs, Northern Idaho. Submitted to Coast to Coast by a Mike M.

Meanwhile; in Calgary — The Canadian sasquatch story — complete with video of a massive, hairy beast — will air tomorrow night on A Current Affair:Promo, the granddaddy of American tabloid tv, the Fox network said.

Matt Moneymaker, a sasquatch hunter and the director of the U.S.-based Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, has viewed the video, which was shot along the Nelson River about 500 kilometres north of Winnipeg.

“For those of us who have been studying authentic footage and debunking bogus footage for a long time, the full circumstances of this incident point to a credible encounter.”