A Short Visit From CA. Supreme Court Justice Janice Brown

Posted by Chris Parker
May 01 2005

Judge Janice Brown speaks truth to power

CA. Supreme Court Justice & nominee to the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the D.C., Janice Brown & husband, Dewey, visited Parkway this morning. They slipped in quietly, without fanfare. No announcement was made. They simply worshipped with us. A very nice, quiet, dignified couple of Christians.

She is the child of a gentleman from Alabama whose father joined the Air Force as am I. There’s something insular and special about growing up as an “Air force brat” that sure beats growing up in Alabama.

WWJD is a question that for me personally gets asked too often in retrospect. As in, how could I have handled that situation better, as Jesus would have? Growing in Christ means less of you and more of Him such that you don’t have to think so much about what He would do–you know the right things to do because Jesus Christ is in you.

How would I handle the hatred and vitriol that she is enduring because of the stands she has taken? I don’t know for sure but one thing is clear; holding to actual Christian principles from this time forward will be more and more “out of the mainstream”.

Our prayers go with them.

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