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Ancient Metal Workers Burned Out of History

Science, Uncategorized | Posted by Chris Parker
Apr 27 2005

This ARTICLE demonstrates how quickly evidence of ancient technological ability can disappear and how scientists would likely miss or misinterpret such evidence.

Guestbook: Dana Wrote Re; Thots on God

Religious, Science | Posted by Chris Parker
Apr 27 2005

I am a scientist, & a Christian. …. people wonder how I can believe in God when I know the things that I do….
During ..confirmation classes, ….we came to this conclusion: …God told someone, verbatim, what to write down, or God told someone the jist of how things went, & creation is the representation. Perhaps God’s time measurement is different… : perhaps one of his days is an eon of our time….

..I went on to University & studied science, I felt that things were far too ordered to have been the ‘random chance’ evolution. … My hypothesis:
God created us through an evolving process… early stories of the Bible are representations of how this happened, taking into account the limited understanding or imagination that many people exercise. Therefore, God is the greatest geneticist, biochemist, physicist….. God created me. No matter how long it took him to do it. Commenting on time: time is a property of matter. Think of the 2nd law- entropy. Entropy is universal, & meaningless without the property of time. God is Spirit and thus does not operate in time-nor is He constrained by it. When all creation is ended, there will be no need for time-no “material world” for it to act upon.