Cacausian Mummies In China & Giants

Posted by Chris Parker
Apr 24 2005

Caucasian Mummy in ChinaA followup to our article on the Caucasian mummies in China was recently published here

A frequent visitor e-mailed us about problems she had printing our web pages. When we designed the site, our only nod to printing ease was to make sure the text and backgrounds wouldn’t wash each other out. She’s printing the pages in landscape, but still cannot get the entire width of the page to print. Any suggestions?

Rudy e-mailed us this question: “question about the physical possibilities of giants.
Is it possible to have a giant man 50 foot tall?
From what I have read, giants would be physically impossible beyond a certain limit”?

S8INT.COM: Rudy No, We don’t believe that human giants ever reached the height of 50 feet. However, there is something else to consider. Take, ARGENTAVIS MAGNIFICENS:, with at least a twenty five foot wingspan,that bird could not get off the ground under todays gravity conditions.

See: Mega1.html See Also:
Attenuated Gravity

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